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Make a choice or the choice will made for you. That choice will made by the wounded, shadow, un-processed and
un-integrated parts of the self ~ Cyrus Henry

Mens Retreat Healing

I sat a plant medicine ceremony with Cyrus a month ago it was a beautiful, profound experience that has assisted in a returning to my centred self and being able to stand more fully in my power. Cyrus facilitated the plant medicine ceremony with such integrity, impeccability and safety it allowed me to fully let go and surrender myself into the experience, to go where I needed to go knowing and trusting the space was held for me to do that. His gentle, steady, powerful presence and ability to read the energy of the space and each person created a safe container shaping it to be whatever it needed to be for each person and the group. Cyrus’ talent as a musician and singer was such a gift it enhanced, shaped and guided the ceremony, and my personal journey, in expansive and extraordinary ways weaving the group together even though we were all on our own journeys.

I have a profound trust in Cyrus to be able to hold a safe space with impeccable integrity whether it is for a medicine journey, his energy work or his men’s work. I am deeply grateful to him and look forward to more medicine journeys with him.

Liv, Co-Founder/Project Manager of Eco Shamanic Construction Company - NZ

My name is Cyrus Henry

Cyrus Henry, an indigenous Māori of Ngai Te Rangi & Ngati Raukawa, is a dedicated practitioner in the realms of energy healing, shamanic healing and coaching.

With a two-year Diploma in Energy Healing from The Awareness Institute in Sydney, Australia, he passionately incorporates sound healing, crystals, and ceremonial practices into his work. Specializing in one-on-one and group ceremonies with plant medicine, Cyrus brings a unique blend of energy healing, coaching, shamanic expertise and matauranga māori.

Click to learn more about his profound journey and the transformative experiences he facilitates.

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I started working with Cyrus during one of the most difficult chapters of my life. I was experiencing a deep heartbreak while navigating a high-adrenaline extreme sports lifestyle, traveling constantly and really struggling to regulate myself emotionally. The grounding guidance I gained from doing sessions with Cyrus helped me tremendously to regulate my emotions, and also re-establish trust in my intuition. Ultimately, I feel this work really improved my relationship with others by first improving my relationship with myself.

Andrew Juntunen, Movement Mentor, Event Coordinator - Nevada City, CA


Work with me

I help you embrace your past, heal your present, and transform your future by combining a therapeutic, trauma-informed lens with a shamanic energy healing coaching style. Guiding you to create transformational change that will ripple out to your family and loved ones.

"To know where you are going is first to know where you came from".

Understanding your past herein is the key to what is holding you back in the now and moving you forward into the future best version of yourself and reality 

Healing can only be inspired when you make the choice to change. Your life is in your hands, I simply just remind you and show you a path ~ Cyrus Henry

Testimony in the form of poetry


Part 1/3

Open to receiving
The medicine
The messages
The healing
The magic

Thank you for the remembering
The remembering of me in each breath

The being
Without thought
Without judgement

Remembering the fullness of me
All of me

How rich
How blissful
How special

This fullness available
In the present

Here and now

Not in the realms of
Busy minds and circulating thoughts

In the call of the Manu
In the kōrero of the trees
In the breath of the wind

The inhale
The exhale

The letting in
The letting go

Here and now

Bridget, Potter-Ceramic Artist, NZ

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