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Experiential Services

Experiential services offer a distinct fusion of modalities, crafted to illuminate and heal shadows within. A unique vehicle into self-discovery, tailored to unveil what's hidden and guide towards healing

Play is the highest form of research

~ Albert Einstein

1000 Hand Guided Meditation and Hand Massage experience—an invitation for healing and self-discovery. This journey commences with a gentle shamanic energy healing treatment, inviting you to ground yourself, release any burdens, and restore a harmonious balance to your energy.

As we transition, the focus gracefully shifts to your hands, particularly the one that guides you through each day. Your hand becomes a conduit for a deeply personal narrative, a tale of the hands you've held, the hands that have held yours, and the poignant moments of letting go of a hand that you maybe didn't want to let go.

It's a delicate exploration of your unique story, woven into the fabric of your very being.

The hand meridian is directly connected to the heart meridian, the hands are an extension of your heart. The hands illuminate the interplay of your masculine and feminine energetic qualities, influencing how you both give and receive in the symphony of your life.


The hands, often overlooked, become a gateway to a profound and transformative healing experience.

The gentle touch of your hand becomes a vehicle for self-discovery and healing. As we explore the contours of your hand, we honor the memories, emotions, and experiences it holds. This is not merely a massage; it is an invitation to reconnect with the essence of your own story, allowing healing energy to flow through the heart and hands, and guiding you towards a renewed sense of wholeness.


1000 Hand Guided Meditation + Hand Massage

🌟 Duration: 90-120 minutes

📍 Location Options:



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🚻Who this is for:

Anyone interested in experiencing healing through your hands

💲 Investment:

One-off Session: $333

*If money is a barrier and you really need this, let's have a conversation and see if we can work something out

Hand massage

I received a hand massage treatment with Cyrus, as I was intrigued as to what this was.  The holding of hands and massage, I felt supported and it brought awareness as he guided me through my process.

If you're wondering what your next steps are and want to step more into your power.  Or if your tank simply needs filling up, for all of the above and more... To recharge and realign with style, then book a session with Cyrus.

Nicole Gibbons Artist/Sound Healer, Papamoa-BOP


Embrace & Flow 

Partner dance as a gateway to masculine-feminine dynamics and non-verbal intimacy

🌟 Duration: 60-90 minutes

📍 Location Options:



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🚻Who this is for:

  • Single - men & women

  • Couples:

  • Ideal for single men and women dealing with wounds related to masculine or feminine energies.

  • Well-suited for couples experiencing power dynamic struggles.

  • Perfect for those facing communication breakdowns within their relationships.

  • Tailored for individuals seeking to reignite the spark and intimacy in their partnerships.

  • Designed to support those navigating challenges in both personal and relational aspects of life.

💲 Investment:

Singles Package

One-off Session: $250

Package of 3 - $600 ($200 per session)

Package of 6 - $1,080 ($180 per session)

Couples Package

One-off Session: $300

Package of 3 - $810 ($270 per session)

Package of 6 - $1,500 ($250 per session)

*If money is a barrier and you really need this, let's have a conversation and see if we can work something out

Embrace & flow, the enchanting realm of the dancing in union, where partner dancing becomes a sacred gateway to unlock the profound language of non-verbal communication, intimacy and somatic healing

With my experience as professional dancer specialising in partner dancing and healing. I have created this powerful and play service.

This is a heart-centered journey were we immerse ourselves in the captivating world of movement, traversing the delicate landscapes of somatic and energetic expressions embodying both the masculine and feminine qualities residing within each of us.

I work with partner dancing styles such contact -improvisation, ballroom, latin, and street latin as a vehicle to illuminate our shadow in communication, in the masculine, and the feminine. This is a somatic journey of non verbal intimacy and safety


Through the graceful art of partner dancing, we embark on a transformative exploration, unraveling the depths of non-verbal connection by understanding the difference between guiding and forcing, an embodiment of the masculine essence, and embracing the essence of trust and surrender, finding safety within the dance of being led, a beautiful embodiment of the feminine. This practical and immersive experience invites couples and individuals, transcending labels and embracing the dance of connection.

Testimony in the form of poetry

Sharing circle

Part 1/3


On a day where I felt the furthest from my soul, I smelt your scent. Such comfort bestowed on me, I knew it was with you I had asked to keep my treasure safe, Many eons ago, when we first met.

Through your healing vibrations, subtle nudges of my stagnant energy started bubbling in a well of emotion. It was then I was reminded for the first time in a long time of my purpose.

Trading for the exchange in the only way that made sense, following the omens, we were led to sit in ceremony under Marama’s full vortex

The journey started, looking for light I

followed the darkness for what seemed like hours, to the depths of the shadows of my forest.

No sign of light,

Long suffocating branches,

Swamps, drowning roots,

Death and decay.

bridges to other realms

Swinging by a thread.

Nasim, Herbalist - NZ

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music

~ Friedrich Nietzsche

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