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Shamanic Energy Healing

Immerse yourself in Shamanic Energy Healing—an exquisite fusion of traditional practices with the transformative power of sound, ritual, and plant medicines. Begin with rapè ceremony, grounding your journey. Guided by intuition, I use aromas and vibrations to harmonize your energy centers, playing the melodies your soul craves. This potent experience delves into ancestral trauma, emotional wounds, and facilitates profound release. Through karakia and specialized bodywork, embark on a soul retrieval journey, embracing deep healing and self-discovery.

Shamanic energy healing

I can highly recommend an Energy Healing with Cyrus Henry.  The session seemed to harmonise and reset my nervous system into its natural state, I felt relaxed and balanced like I was glowing brighter because of it!  

Energies that had been stuck were moving again, and running freely through my body.  So in that way, it was revitalizing and I felt stronger and more connected.  As sometimes the spirit can feel quite disconnected, especially in this modern era we now live in.  If you feel you have strayed, he will catch you, as he seems to have a big net full of gifts.  In the net is all that he has learned on world travels, his training and his Māori lineage and knowledge, for a weaving of powerful modalities.  All accumulate and line up to work through him, connecting to the wairua. He has a gentleness and subtlety amongst his strength, that holds him in good stead to listen intuitively to what is needed. 

I liked the sound healing element within the treatment, using different instruments and his voice.  He also provides a safe energetic space to sink deeply into the healing process.   

I have also received a hand massage treatment with Cyrus, as I was intrigued as to what this was.  The holding of hands and massage, I felt supported and it brought awareness as he guided me through my process.

If you're wondering what your next steps are and want to step more into your power.  Or if your tank simply needs filling up, for all of the above and more... To recharge and realign with style, then book a session with Cyrus.

Nicole Gibbons Artist/Sound Healer, Papamoa-BOP

Shamanic Energy Healing

Shamanic Energy Healing—my premium unique offering that seamlessly blends traditional energy healing with the transformative elements of sound, instruments, songs, ritual and plant medicines.

This treatment takes you on a powerful, transformative, restorative and healing journey.


The session begins with the ceremonial use of rapè, a grounding plant medicine that sets the stage for meditation. Guided by intuition, I employ various aromas and channel vibrations into key energy points, playing the songs your body craves.


This experience, akin to energy healing but exponentially more potent, takes you on a soulful journey. I share karakia (chants) and incorporate specialized bodywork, addressing generational and ancestral trauma, deeply rooted emotional wounds, and facilitating profound somatic release.


This deep work encompasses the recall and integration of your soul retrieval. Trust in the transformative power of this unique treatment designed for profound healing and self-discovery.

Are you drawn to the ancient wisdom of shamanic practices, seeking a profound journey of healing and personal growth that honors the interconnectedness of your spiritual, emotional, and physical self?

  • Spiritual Reconnection: If you feel disconnected from your spiritual essence or seek to deepen your connection with a higher power, holistic practices can guide you on a journey of reconnection and spiritual fulfillment.

  • Emotional Healing: Unresolved emotional wounds can weigh heavily on the soul. Shamanic healing can support emotional trauma, fostering inner peace and emotional resilience.

  • Restoring Energetic Balance: Experience disruptions in the flow of energy within your being? Shamanic healing techniques provide pathways to restore balance and harmony, promoting vitality and well-being.

  • Finding Meaning: Are you grappling with existential questions and seeking a deeper understanding of your purpose in life? Explore Shamanic Healing that offer insights and tools for navigating existential uncertainty with clarity and purpose.

  • Mind-Body Connection: Recognize the profound connection between your thoughts, emotions, and physical health? Delve into Shamanic Healing approaches that honor the mind-body connection, fostering comprehensive healing and wellness.

  • Healing Ancestral Patterns: Coping with challenges rooted in ancestral trauma or recurring patterns? Shamanic healing invites you to explore ancestral healing practices, breaking free from generational patterns and fostering personal transformation.

  • Seeking Spiritual Guidance: Are you seeking guidance and wisdom from spiritual sources, ancestors, or guides? Embrace Shamanic Healing practices that facilitate connection and communication with higher realms, offering insights and support on your journey.

  • Transitioning with Rituals: Transitioning through life's changes can be challenging. Discover the power of rituals and ceremonies as holistic tools for navigating transitions, finding closure, and stepping into new beginnings with intention and grace.

  • Nature Connection: Craving a deeper connection with the natural world and a sense of belonging? Immerse yourself in Shamanic practices that honor nature's wisdom, fostering a profound sense of interconnectedness and harmony with the Earth.

  • Empowering Self-Discovery: Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal empowerment? Engage in Shamanic practices that empower you to uncover your inner truth, embrace your unique gifts, and step into your fullest potential with confidence and authenticity.

For Those Seeking Holistic Growth:

If you resonate with any of these inner journeys and seek a holistic approach to growth and healing, these practices are tailored to support your evolution. Whether you're reconnecting spiritually, releasing emotional burdens, restoring balance and harmony, finding meaning, exploring the mind-body connection, healing ancestral wounds, seeking guidance, navigating transitions, connecting with nature, or empowering self-discovery, Shamanic Healing offers a transformative path towards holistic well-being and personal fulfillment.

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🌟Duration: 60-90-120 minutes

📍 Location: Titirangi, Auckland - Distant Healing Sessions/In-person

One-off Session

💲 Investment:: $250

3-Session Package:

💲 Investment: $660 ($220 per session)

*If money is a barrier and you really need this, let's have a conversation and see if we can work something out

You should die once before dying ~ Shamanic quote 

Then, you should die a 1000 more times ~ Cyrus Henry

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