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Empowering individuals as tomorrow's Winged Change Makers, Nga Manu Wayfinders serves as the lighthouse for those in darkness, fostering a revolutionary community that soars together, shaping warriors of evolution



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Nga Manu Wayfinders isn't just a name; it's an identity, a beacon of hope for generational healing and a sanctuary for revolutionary change makers. More than an organization, it symbolizes the collective spirit of heart-warriors of evolution. Founded by Cyrus Henry, and with a vision for the future that includes hundreds, perhaps thousands, Nga Manu Wayfinders is a call to embrace a transformative journey and unite as a force for positive change.

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Sharing circle

I started working with Cyrus during one of the most difficult chapters of my life. I was experiencing a deep heartbreak while navigating a high-adrenaline extreme sports lifestyle, traveling constantly and really struggling to regulate myself emotionally. The grounding guidance I gained from doing sessions with Cyrus helped me tremendously to regulate my emotions, and also re-establish trust in my intuition. Ultimately, I feel this work really improved my relationship with others by first improving my relationship with myself.

Andrew Juntunen, Movement Mentor, Event Coordinator - Nevada City, CA

Kia ora

Ko Mauao toku maunga - Mauao is the name of the mountain I belong to

Ko Tauranga te moana - Tauranga is the name of the ocean I belong to

Ko Ngai Te Rangi me Ngati Raukawa toku iwi - Ngai Te Rangi & Ngati Raukawa are the tribes I belong to 

Ko Ngai Tukairangi toku hāpu - Ngai Tukairangi is the sub-tribe I belong to 

Ko Mataatua toku waka - Mataatua is the name of the canoe my tipuna (ancestors) came to Aotearoa on

Ko Hungahungatoroa toku marae - Hungahungatoroa is the name of my ancestral house

Ko Cyrus toku ingoa - Cyrus is my name 

My Pepeha - My statement of identity

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SAUL6571 copy.JPEG

Cyrus Henry, a proud indigenous Māori of Ngai Te Rangi & Ngati Raukawa, has woven a rich tapestry of experiences throughout his life. A seasoned professional in the world of entertainment, Cyrus has embraced diverse roles as a dancer, musician, and actor. Upon completing his education in performing arts, he found himself drawn to a spiritual path that would enhance his artistic journey.

Diving into the realms of self-development and mindset coaching became integral to Cyrus's personal growth. Motivated by a profound interest in natural healing modalities and spirituality, he embarked on a transformative journey, firstly having his first mentor who was a healer and clairvoyant working with her for a year. After that, he went on to earn a two-year Diploma in Energy Healing at The Awareness Institute in Sydney, Australia. During this period, Cyrus discovered a passion for working with sound, crystals, shamanic healing, indigenous wisdom, and ceremonial practices.

Over the past six years, Cyrus has honed his skills through his coaching practice and energy work. His exploration expanded into the realm of plant medicine, where he immersed himself in the teachings of indigenous peoples in Central Latin America. Committed to the path of plant medicine, Cyrus embarked on a seven-year vision quest, completing its first vision quest.This sacred journey deepened his understanding of ceremonies involving different plant medicines

Presently, Cyrus's vision and focus is building his reputation and client base as a shamanic healer, coach, and plant medicine facilitator working 1-on-1, retreats and workshops.

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My New Channel

My New Channel

"I really appreciate my healing with Cyrus. I felt deeply held and accepted. He created a safe supportive space to experience, heal, share and be present. I can highly recommed him"

Irene - Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner NZ

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