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Online course retreat
plant medicine ceremony

The way of the plants 5 week journey was fascinating! I really enjoyed all the information put together by Cyrus on each of the different plants that we worked with. I learned a lot more than I thought on the plants and of myself.

Had very interesting synchronicities happen during the process as well which is always wonderful. Cyrus was very available if I had any questions or reflexions to share. The whole process was very well put together and I really enjoyed it. I highly recomment this experience!

Mel, Montreal Tour Guide - Montreal

Ready to embark on this transformational journey with'IN'? Get in contact!

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Journey With'IN', deep into your true self and join the seekers of solution,
warriors of constant evolution in a 4-week journey of plant medicine ceremony

Group dates TBC. Alternatively you can book this as a 1-on-1

Welcome to "Way Of The Plants"

A transformative 4-week online course

2 days & 2-night wānanga (retreat) with Plant Medicine Ceremony
Guiding you on a profound journey of self-discovery and connection.

This life-changing experience fuses the profound wisdom of nature with individuals on a quest to overcome challenges and evolve into their best selves


  • You're a man, woman, single, or a couple

  • You're seeking solutions and growth in your life, and you're ready to embrace a path of personal evolution.

  • You've felt the call of Plant Medicine Ceremony and are eager to tap into its transformative power to navigate life's challenges.

  • You're yearning for deeper self-discovery, self-love, and a profound connection to the world around you

  • You're on a quest to find inner clarity, heal, and forge connections with a like-minded community.

  • You're excited to explore the unique teachings of the Plant Kingdom and apply them to your own life.


Course Duration:

  • 5 Weeks

  • Starting 30th October

Weekly Sessions:

  • 1x90-minutes group zoom

  • Daily integrative Exercises

  • Contemplation prompts

  • Meditation

  • Ceremonial practices 

  • 30-minute video workshop

Plant Medicine Ceremony

  • 2 Days, 2 Night

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Ready to embark on this transformational journey With'IN'?
Get in contact


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