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Journey With'IN', deep into your true self and join the seekers of solution,
warriors of constant evolution in a 4-week journey of plant medicine ceremony


  • Starting: 30th October 2023

  • Plant Medicine Ceremony Retreat - 24th - 26th November. Arrival 12pm Friday. Departure 3pm Sunday (Tentative location, Tauranga. My Marae maybe an option for sleeping. Ceremony will be close by)

  • We only have 10 spaces available. 5 men and 5 women. We may open extra spaces but at extra cost or put you on the waiting list for the next one

To qualify for this journey you MUST answer YES to all 3 of the following questions 

Are you ready to do the work and make a CHANGE, EVOLVE, GROW?
Can you COMMIT to the 4 weeks, 1hr a day for self practice, a 30-minute pre-recorded workshop video, a 60-90min live group zoom call every week and the 2-day, 2-night plant medicine ceremony retreat at the end?
Do you have the money to INVEST in YOURSELF?
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